Notes on Corona

As of May 17th, 2020

Because of Corona, we have to comply with regulations. To ensure this, the following rules apply until further notice. Your and our health has priority.



# Online booking and reservation
For now we decided against a booking system. The advantage is that you can visit us any time and that you don’t have costs in case you are prevented or delayed. Before your visit have a look at the load of visitors shown on our website. According to our experience so far the waiting time is rather short, even if the load is high. People come and go continously.

# Online booking
An online booking of time slots is planned. We do not accept reservations by phone, email or on site.

End update


# Outdoor sports
Bouldering is only possible outdoors. Staying on the mats for protection is only permitted for bouldering, but not for resting.

# Contact restriction
A maximum number of two persons is allowed to boulder together, even if you share a household or if you are a familiy.

# Keep a distance
Always keep a minimum distance of 1,5 m to other people.

# Weather
You can’t go bouldering outside when it rains. There is not enough space outside to hide when it’s raining. It is not permitted to stay inside the building. Therefore, take a look at the weather forecast beforehand. There is no entitlement to refund of the entrance fee if it rains. On days with bad weather, the facility may remain closed. We will inform you about closures on our website and on Facebook.

# Minimum age 13 years
Persons under the age of 13 are not permitted. This also applies to infants and small kids.

# Length of stay
The maximum length of your stay is 120 minutes.

# Check in and check out
The maximum number of simultaneous guests is limited. When you check in, you will receive a card for which a deposit of € 20 in cash is necessary. When you check out you will get the deposit back on presentation of the card. If you exceed the duration of 120 minutes, the admission fee is due again. This also applies to members of the Urban Sports Club.

# Waiting times
Before visiting us check our check-in counter on the website: If possible, visit us outside of peak hours, especially from Tuesday to Thursday before 6 p.m.

# Sportswear
Come already in sportswear. Changing is not permitted in the entire bouldering facility, not even outdoors.

# Face mask
Always wear a mask inside the building. We recommend to wear a mask outside as well.

# Climbing shoes and chalk
Bring your own shoes and chalk. Rental is not possible.

# Stay
It is only allowed to stay outdoors and only for sports. Social gatherings and spectators are not allowed. Changing rooms, showers and other rooms in the building remain closed. Only toilets are available.

# Drinks and food
We do not sell food. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted in the entire bouldering facility. Alcoholic beverages are only sold for take away.

# New rules
The rules can change at any time. Therefore, inform yourself on this page before each visit. We will mark the changes.